It's pretty simple, I'm building the sales recruiting firm that I wanted to hire when I was a medical device sales manager.

When I became a new sales manager, I was thrust into needing to hire people immediately and then consequently began rebuilding a sales team in which I had at least one sales opening for 18 consecutive months - talk about learning by fire for my first management position! I worked with a few recruiters and found a great one along the way (Thanks Robin!). I started loving the recruiting process and helping sales professionals find a new home with our company.

Throughout the process of hundreds and hundreds of phone and face-to-face interviews, I decided there had to be a more efficient and productive way than I had witnessed in some traditional recruiting processes. And coming from sales management where I was extremely data-driven, I was obsessed with finding ways to use data or fact-based decision-making in the hiring process. That "gut" feeling I kept hearing about from others, wasn't exactly giving me confidence in my process or anyone elses!

So after hanging up the 3-4 nights per week traveling sales management job to spend more time with my kids Cole (7), Kylie (3), and Cash (1), I launched COACH Sales Recruiting to help sales managers just like me find top talent in a methodical, data-driven process in the shortest amount of time. Time spent recruiting is time away from growing and developing your current top talent! 

The Kohnen Family
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
Ryan, Lacey, Cole, Kylie, & Cash


I was the rare kid who dreamed of being a Major League Baseball coach instead of the superstar player. I then coached high school baseball in my early 20s, ended up coaching young professionals after publishing a book, and then finally coaching sales professionals in the medical device field. I've been called "coach" in a variety of stages of my life, and the term has followed me around and its been a representation of what I love doing.

2018 COACH Sales Recruiting; Ryan Kohnen, LLC

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