I Am Top Sales Talent

I Am Top Sales Talent

Our goal is to look beyond the resume. Sometimes top sales talent has the resume that just shows and proves a top sales rep. But sometimes top sales talent has been a part of a tough situation or has not had the years of experience to prove their value. We spend time with each candidate to get to know who you are.

Current Opportunities Include (updated 12/22/19):

North Texas Peripheral Vascular Manager $275k+ - Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Cardiology Regional Sales Manager $235k+ - Nashville or Knoxville

Cardiology Regional Sales Manager $235k+ - Ohio

Cardiology Regional Sales Manager $235k+ - Las Vegas

Cardiology Regional Sales Manager $235k+ - Dallas

Cardiology Regional Sales Manager $235k+ - Seattle or Portland

Cardiology Sales Representative $315k+ - Pensacola, FL

Cardiology Sales Representative $315k+ - Denver, CO

Regional Sales Manager, Diabetes $240k - Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Interventional Cardiology Clinical Rep, $170k+- San Francisco Bay Area

Interested in learning more about each of these positions, send your resume, what type of job you are looking for, and your current location to ryan@ryankohnen.com. 

2018 COACH Sales Recruiting; Ryan Kohnen, LLC

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